Senyshyn Out Again With Appendectomy


Veteran financial advisor Ralph Vartanian serves as vice president of wealth management for UBS Financial Services, Inc., where he specializes in gathering assets and investing assets to create investment stability and rates of return for our clientele. Outside his professional life, Ralph Vartanian is an avid fan of the Boston Bruins.

Bruins forward Zach Senyshyn, who was selected 15th overall by the team in the 2015 draft, may not see the ice for a considerable amount of time after undergoing a recent appendectomy. He will miss minicamp, but will report to the team’s training camp, though his participation in that camp, as well as the regular season, has yet to be determined.

Additionally, the 19-year-old Senyshyn missed the development camp earlier this summer with mononucleosis. The appendectomy now represents the second major medical setback for the forward.

A top Bruins prospect, Senyshyn tallied 45 goals and 20 assists with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds last year in the Ontario Hockey league. However, with this medical setbacks, it may be tough for him to make the Bruins main roster this year.


Health Benefits of Golf

Health Benefits of Golf pic
Health Benefits of Golf

Ralph Vartanian is an executive in the financial services sector. Since 2013, he’s served as vice president of wealth management at UBS Financial Services in Boca Raton, Florida. In his free time, Ralph Vartanian enjoys golfing, and has been a member of the Adios Golf Club since 1993.

Golf is a game for both the body and the mind, as it is both mentally and physically challenging. There are many health benefits, including the following:

1. Good for the heart. Golfing typically involves walking (if there is no motorized golf cart), carrying a heavy bag, and swinging, all of which increase the heart rate and blood flow, which decreases the risk of stroke and diabetes as well as the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Stimulates the brain. Daily walking has been shown to strengthen the brain’s memory circuits, as the physical activity pumps blood to the brain, improving its function.

3. Weight loss. Naturally, exercise leads to weight loss. Doctors recommend a daily step count of 10,000, and a standard 18-hole round can help golfers reach and exceed this. goal.