Children of Armenia Fund Offers Focus on Learning English Language

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Children of Armenia Fund


As vice president of wealth management for UBS Financial Services in Boca Raton, Florida, Ralph Vartanian assists his customers in ensuring their money is being managed correctly with financial products that fit their lifestyle. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Ralph Vartanian supports several charitable organizations, including the Children of Armenia Fund.

The Children of Armenia Fund began in 2002 to change the lives of children living in economically challenging situations. The fund supports many different programs that serve the children of Armenia, including a comprehensive education program. Among the topics that teachers and instructors cover when working with the fund include teaching students English.

English is seen as a valuable skill, since having bilingual abilities can increase the likelihood that students will find gainful employment once they enter the workforce. In addition to studying the language at special summer camps, students are also taught about American culture, music, and games. This opens up future possibilities for students to complete exchange programs.